MKE YOUR MARK was founded by Jasper Sanchez in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with the purpose of bringing together dancers in a smaller, and more intimate atmosphere while providing high caliber dance training in the Midwest, all for an affordable price. The goal is for dancers to connect more and meet people outside of their general dance communities while as well strengthening the present dance community. It also provides a more intimate opportunity between the Instructor and the Students. We encourage networking, supporting others, meeting new people, challenging yourself, and showing the world who you are.

Make your mark on others, on this community, and on this world by coming to this event.

             The Urban Arts/Hip Hop Dance community in the Milwaukee area consists of many passionate individuals who pursue dance for many different reasons. For some, it reduces stress, promotes wellness and health, and is an extracurricular activity embedded in their lifestyle. For others, it is a gateway to a career, a method of spreading knowledge and inspiring the youth, and a way of finding a purpose in this vast world. Regardless of the reason, the ever expanding Urban Arts/HipHop Dance community has created a small group of people with a large passion.

           How else can we nurture those passions? The goal of MKE YOUR MARK is to provide an affordable event for dancers that seek for more training in an intimate and supportive environment. By being located in Milwaukee, MKE YOUR MARK is more easily accessible to dance communities not only in the city but also communities in many different parts of Wisconsin and the Midwest. 

            A large focus of this dance event is to create connections and allow for people with like-minded passions to network and interact. Networking is the way of the future. We believe that by providing an intimate space between dancers and teachers, we can create a greater opportunity for knowledge-sharing and relationship building between event attendees. Not only does this empower individuals with a sense of togetherness but it also creates bonds between different communities, cities, and even states with attendees coming from all over the Midwest. 



     We do have a certain way of choosing our lineup for each event. Since this event was founded in Milwaukee we will always have TWO Milwaukee Choreographers , TWO Midwest Choreographers (either living in or born/rasied in the Midwest, and TWO Out of State Industry Choreographers 

     We believe that it is important to promote the talent present within this city. We also believe in the importance of supporting the talent present in the Midwest. Lastly, by bringing in Out of State Choreographers, we are able to provide an inaccessible resource to this community.

***To be considered in the lineup contact us with a resume and some videos of your work***

send to contact@mkeyourmark.com to apply